Chicago Donut Tour

This year for my birthday, I told Justin all I wanted was to eat donuts and see Hamilton. And it was during our trip to Chicago earlier this month that I was lucky enough to do both in the same day!

Setting up our Chicago Donut Tour has probably been the highlight of my year so far. It’s no secret that I love donuts, just look at Maisy’s 2nd birthday party, so researching some of the city’s best donut spots was right up my alley.

This year for my birthday, I told Justin all I wanted was to eat donuts and see Hamilton.

It was hard narrowing down our selections—Chicago is becoming more and more known for their donut stops, but in the end I selected 4 donut spots and a coffee shop to make my birthday dreams come true.

  1. Goddess and The Baker


This was the first stop on our journey through donut heaven. Goddess and the Baker was just up the street from Virgin Hotels Chicago where we were staying.


The inside of this restaurant was absolutely adorable. I loved the “Eat Now, Caffeinate” marquee on the back wall!


World’s best selfie spot!


Justin and I popped in here for coffee and a quick savory breakfast. I had a Butterscotch Latte (how pretty is this!) and a tasty Avocado Toast.


And the views were to die for!

  1. Doughnut Vault


When we met up with some friends who live in Chicago and told them we were planning a donut tour, they were most excited we would be visiting The Doughnut Vault.


This little shop is literally a hole in the wall. We decided to walk from Goddess and The Baker to Doughnut Vault and walked past it two times before we finally saw the entrance. It has a beautiful, vintage feel inside the shop too!


We ordered a Vanilla Glazed donut that was big enough to share.

No spoilers, but this was by far the best donut of the day. It was so light and sweet without being too sweet.

  1. Firecakes Donuts


From Doughnut Vault we walked over to Firecakes, another little donut shop.


The inside of Firecakes was so very cute! I loved all the old hand mixers that lined the walls!


There were some really tasty selections here!


Justin and I opted to split this Maple Bacon Pineapple beauty which tasted like Hawaii in every bite! It was sweet and a little smoky.


Firecakes also makes these amazing sprinkle donut cakes. Can you imagine blowing out the candles on this?

  1. Glazed and Infused


If you’re doing a Chicago donut tour looking for unique donut flavors, Glazed and Infused should be your top stop. Of all the places we tried, this shop had the most creative donut flavors.


We ended up getting a box of four different donuts, all of which were unreal:


From top left, clockwise around:  Key Lime Pie Old Fashioned, Bailey’s Irish Cream, this Chocolate/Butterscotch Chip Monstrosity and Nutella Champagne S’More.


They were all honestly amazing, but the champagne marshmallow on the Nutella S’More donut was life changing.


There are a few different Glazed and Infused locations around Chicago and I highly recommend you visit one when you’re in town!

  1. Stan’s Donuts


The last place we visited on our donut tour was Stan’s Donuts. This beautifully pink shop was so freaking adorable.


I loved all the stand mixers on display!


We had to try this Nutella Pocket treat!


Stan’s Donuts also had donut/gelato milkshakes that we were all about, if it wasn’t freezing cold outside! Definitely something we’re going back for next time we’re in town!


The donut tour was such a dream come true, I just loved being able to walk around my favorite city in the world with the man I love.


… And it was the perfect way to get prepare for Hamilton that evening! (SQUEEEEEE)