From the moment our little Parker (henceforth forever known as “Parkie”) was born, I told my husband I wanted to have an Oktoberfest first birthday for her.

I know what you’re asking, Ally, is your family German or something?

Yes, dear reader, we are very German.

But beyond that, Germany was my home for a significant part of my teenage life. I’m blessed to say I have a second family there and my memories of Germany and my German heritage are things I share often with my growing family.



It also helps that the only thing I really craved while pregnant with Parkie was Schoffenhoffer Grapefruit Beer (if you haven’t had one, you haven’t lived) and Parkie was born smack dab in the middle of Oktoberfest festivities around the world. Like I said it just made sense.



I themed the party around the colors of the German flag, Black, Red and Yellow, and themed the menu around some of my favorite German treats.


We had black forrest cupcakes, topped with little pretzels, I made a batch of Apfelschorle, a carbonated apple juice I lived for in Deutschland, and Justin cooked bratwurst and frankfurters on the grill for our Guests, to be topped with my signature Sauerkraut, of course.



We encouraged our guests to don their favorite lederhosen or dirndl and found the cutest and comfiest ones for our girls on Etsy.



To make the experience complete, we transformed our backyard into a beer garden.


It was such a fun day that we will remember forever!


“Parktoberfest” Glitter Banner, and Streamers: Shop Sweet LuLu
MJ & Parkie’s Dirndls: Ada’s Accessories on Etsy
Table Cloths: Amazon
Large Gingham Banner: Amazon

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