Indulge Your Sweet Tooth at Sugar Factory

My birthday is this month, which means (naturally), I’ve been celebrating every weekend in March. We’ve had a wild couple of weekends, but nothing has been as fun for me, my family or the girls than my birthday brunch at Sugar Factory.

Sugar Factory has locations across the country, including New York, Las Vegas and Chicago, but we decided to try the Orlando Location, which opened in early 2016.


If you’re familiar with the Orlando area, Sugar Factory is located at the new I-Drive 360 Entertainment Complex off of International Drive. You’ll find shopping and dining and, of course, the iconic Orlando Eye.

Sugar Factory was situated right at the base of the eye. We had a stunning view of the Orlando Eye from the patio outside. This area is really a must-see if you’re visiting Orlando!


The inside was very sleek and sophisticated, with long tables filling up the middle and elaborate chandeliers.


We were there for brunch, but the entire menu was available to us. Their menu reminded me of The Cheesecake Factory. It was HUGE and had pretty much anything you could think of.


Sugar Factory is known for their smoking Goblet Drinks, available with and without alcohol, so naturally we had to get one. Justin and I shared the Lollipop, which was topped with a candy necklace and two Unicorn Horn Lollipops.

GIF image-CE2C75C17C87-1

They poured the drink at our table and it immediately started to bubble and smoke!


The girls shared the Fuzzy Peach Penguin Mango that was filled with gummy penguins. Parker spent most of the meal literally fishing the penguins out.


After we ate our food, I was ready for something sweet. I ordered the Dulce De Leche Milkshake – vanilla ice cream with Dulce de Leche topped with a waffle cone, a unicorn pop and caramel corn. I loved dragging my spook along the side of the chocolate and dipping into the ice cream inside.

As we were waiting for our dessert, all of a sudden this super loud music came on, and I saw a CROWD of Sugar Factory employees swarm around a giant ice cream sundae with a sparkler firework in it. I watched in horror as they started making their way over to our table and died a little bit when they put the sundae right in front of me.


Y’all, I hate my birthday. But more than I hate my birthday, I hate when people stare at me on my birthday AND PEOPLE. WERE. STARING.


It was traumatizing and I blushed for a solid hour afterwards. (The ice cream was delicious though!)

After we ate, we took the time to browse the candy selection in their store! They had huge sweets, like the giant Rice Crispy Treat, and unique candies, like a gummy pizza and cute donuts.

Toy Ducks, signature to Sugar Factory, were all around us.

Overall, I had a wonderful early birthday with my family and highly recommend Sugar Factory for your next celebration. Not convinced? Check out their menu here!