Maisy & Parker’s New Room

Ever since we learned we would be having our second little girl, Justin and I knew Maisy and her soon-to-be new sister would someday share a bedroom.


Cut to approximately 6 months ago. That was the first time Parker climbed out of her crib and crawled into bed with Justin and I. She has spent every night in our bed since.

Six months worth of nights with Parkie round-house kicking me in the head and stomach and shins and I was ready to get ready to have my bed back. I knew the only way we could get Parkie out of our room was to give her something exciting. It was time to make over her room.

I wanted their room to be full of sparkles. I used a bunch of left over items from Parker’s second birthday celebration. Furniture came from IKEA, and bedding was from Target.


All of these awesome wall-hangings came from Hobby Lobby.


The girls absolutely adore their new room, and we had the first child-free sleep in over 6 months.