Inside the Museum of Ice Cream: Miami

If you’re Instagram obsessed like I am, chances are you’ve gushed over incredible pictures from the Museum of Ice Cream. When this art installment first arrived in Los Angeles, I immediately knew I wanted to go. Which is why I was beyond thrilled that it came to Miami, a short 4 hour drive away.

This year, Justin and I were hoping to take a big vacation to celebrate our 5th wedding anniversary, but finding someone to watch our kids for a week was proving way too difficult. So we decided to take the girls on a big family vacation (hello, Disneyland at the end of May!) and take a few little weekend getaways just the two of us. With our Museum of Ice Cream tickets freshly purchased, Miami was the perfect destination.


Tickets for the museum are only available via advance purchase. They only allow a small group of people through at different time slots, so if you’re itching to go, know ahead of time when you want to go and secure your tickets online.

It’s hard to miss the building in Miami Beach. The bright pink palm trees out front give it right away. You meet up with a guide out front where you choose your ice cream name (aka, your favorite ice cream flavor).

PRO TIP: They will just ask you “What your favorite ice cream flavor?” but this is a ploy to name you after ice cream. So for the love of god don’t say “Phish Food” like I did unless you’re prepared to introduce yourself as that for the rest of the tour.

You’re assembled into groups but you only have to stay in a group through the first floor. After that you can roam to your heart’s desire.


One of the first stops on the tour is The Sprinkle Pool. Yes, you heard that correctly. The Sprinkle Pool. A pool full of sprinkles. It’s as magical as you’d think it is.

Jumping into a giant swimming pool full of sprinkles was SO. FUN. It was like sinking in sand. Justin and I pretty much just giggled the entire time.

After a few minutes of splashing in sprinkles, you move along to the Bunns Shake Diner. A perfectly millenial pink diner where we got the first ice cream of our journey.

The entire building is a walking work of art. Between colorfully patterned walls that serve as perfect Insta-backdrops, to photo locations that are nothing short of whimsical.

One of our favorite rooms was the Jungle Rooms. The ice cream sample was a frozen banana dipped in chocolate and rolled in what was essentially puffed rice cereal.

This room had bright pink palm trees and fruit swings. Including this adorable banana swing!


There was the room of melted ice cream…

The delightfully breezy fan room…


All topped off with gorgeous sea views on the roof top ice cream bar. This was a great place to sit and relax!


Overall, we had the best time at the Museum of Ice Cream in Miami. Tickets are still available for this location through May 13. Book your tickets here!

Visited the Museum of Ice Cream? Share your photos with me! I’d love to see them!