Mojo Donuts of Miami

You know me and donuts. (Donuts, donuts, donuts.) They’re easily my favorite thing on the planet.


While on my quest to try every donut in the Central Florida area, I also love trying new donut shops in new cities. Which is why we had to try Mojo Donuts & Fried Chicken in Miami.

We visited the shop the day after their big premiere on Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives. The first-ever donut shop featured on the popular Food Network show. Within seconds of walking in Justin and I stood completely dumbfounded staring at the amazing donuts.

We ended up deciding on a half dozen. A half dozen of 6 of the best donuts I’ve ever had.

Let’s work clockwise from the top left.


This is the Deco Delight. 


This donut was easily the best donut I’ve ever had. Hands down. Bar none.

Picture the most perfect donut you’ve ever had. Now picture that donut rolled in chocolate and then rolled again in Frosted Flakes, covered with vanilla frosting and topped with sweet berries and a chocolate drizzle.

Oh, and I forgot the mention the best part, picture the most perfect banana cream filling.

Justin and I took one bite each and instantly said “oh yeah, we’re eating all of this” and I’ve been CRAVING them since.

This is the Bacon Nutella Donut. 


It was made up of exactly what I listed above. Bacon. Nutella. Donuts. The bacon was REAL bacon.

We also tried the Oreo Cream donut.


This was a sandwich donut cut in half and stuffed with Oreo cream and topped with LOADS of Oreo cookie crumbles.

Next Up was the Cinnamon Toast Crunch Donut. 


Vanilla glazed and topped with Cinnamon Toast Crunch. It tasted like the bowl of milk at the bottom of a bowl of cereal.

The Vanilla Glazed with Sprinkles. 


This is the true test of a donut shop is how well they do the basics. It doesn’t get any more basic than a traditional vanilla glazed donut.

(Side note this is one of my favorite donuts of all time.) Mojo Donuts did. it. right. SO right.

Last but not least, the Funfetti Donut


Cake donut with sprinkles and vanilla glazed. This is the only donut we didn’t eat, we saved it for the girls. They LOVED it though.

Definitely make Mojo Donuts a stop on your trip to Miami and go with your better judgment and buy a full dozen of the Deco Delight. Hands down one of the top five donuts I’ve EVER EATEN.