Cocktails & Bites at Paddlefish, Disney Springs

This past weekend, Justin and I went to see Avengers: Infinity Wars at the AMC Dine-In Theater in Disney Springs.

No spoilers here but it was absolutely fantastic and I left the theater like this:



I was in such a state that I was no longer hungry for a big lunch. I wanted a couple small bites to eat and a stiff drink. We decided to give Paddlefish a try.


This restaurant is located in the former Fulton’s Crab House steam boat that sits in the Marketplace waters at Disney Springs. Paddlefish is sleek and modern from the outside, boasting an awesome roof-top bar with sweeping views.

We dined inside in one of the back dining rooms. We loved the golden plate decor and the view of The Marketplace and Disney’s Saratoga Springs Resort & Spa out of the window.


We tried three cocktails.


The Bloody Mary was incredible. Rich with Old Bay seasoning and topped with the freshest King Crab leg and Shrimp I’ve had in a while, this one was finished off pretty fast.


We also tried to The Southern Sangria. This had SO much bourbon in it that it was almost hard to drink. It was definitely rough but Justin loved it.


I was a big fan of the Admiral’s Mai Tai. Unlike any other Mai Tai I’ve had in my life, this was light and smooth. The menu listed this available in pitcher form and I would have definitely gotten that to share on the rooftop bar.

For food, we (of course) had to try the oysters. They were very fresh but not briny like we like them. Size-wise they were really decent!


Paddlefish is quasi-famous for their Table-side Lobster Guacamole. It was hard to pass this one up, so we didn’t.


They really do make it table-side, but while our our guac designer did ask us if we liked all the ingredients that they put in their guac (tomatoes, onion, lime juice, salt, jalapeños, cilantro and of course lobster), she didn’t ask us how we like our Guac. One of the benefits of getting your guac made in front of you is getting to say “I want it that way.” Justin and I, for example, like a little heavy on the lime and salt and found the guac a little bland in that regard. It was TOTALLY delicious but it could have been PERFECT.


They did not skimp on the lobster though. We found huge chunks throughout eating this bow. We did have to ask for extra chips however to finish the bowl up.

All-in-all, we enjoyed our time at Paddlefish, but it’s definitely a special occasion place. With four cocktails, the Guac and the oysters, we spent over $120. That’s INSANE. The atmosphere was wonderful, however, and I can definitely see the value in meeting a small group of friends, sharing a pitcher of Mai Tais and the Lobster Guac for a better per person price point.

Have you tried Paddlefish yet? How did you enjoy your meal?