From Muggle to Mrs.

This summer, I had the incredible honor of standing by the sides of two of my oldest friends as they both married the men of their dreams.


The first to get married was Lisa. Lisa and I met on my first day of eighth grade in Indiana. Starting classes halfway through the school year meant my already awkward mid-puberty body was even more anxiety riddled than usual.

I found a lot of escape in writing, where I drafted poems and essays for my English class. It was in English class where Lisa’s kind heart saw through my ugly façade (seriously guys. There was a lot going on with my face) and, by her own accord, wanted to be my friend because our English teacher always liked my work and she was super jealous of me.

Girls Weekend in New Orleans

This is especially hilarious if you know Lisa, because I mean it when I say she is truly one of the kindest, gentlest, not-the-sort-of-person-to-get-jealous people on God’s green earth.

After eight grade English, we spent many other classes together, German, Seminar, Physics, all throughout high school. And, in the summer of my Junior year, when we were both selected to participate in the German American Partnership Program (GAPP), and Frau Dix asked for volunteers of 5 low maintenance women to bunk together in Munich – Lisa and I, along with Baby Kate, who we will get to, (Speaking directly to Baby Kate for a second: My babe. I love you and you will get your own dedicated post because I love you equally but this one is about Lisa. XOXOXOXOXOXOXO) raised our hands. And GGBC or the GAPP Girls Book Club was born.


GGBC spent summers together drinking fake wine in my basement, drinking real wine in my basement, attending actual midnight movie premieres (there was the time we were sushed A LOT during the midnight premiere of New Moon which I will never regret. #pizzanipples), and midnight releases of Harry Potter books.

In fact, it was Lisa who I texted to let know I returned home safely from Barnes & Noble at 1:30 AM because she knew I was going to attempt to read the book while driving, which I totally did.

Harry Potter was one of the staples of our friendship and we shared many tears, laughs and puffy paint shirts for our fav boy wizard over our years of friendship together.

It only made sense that Lisa wanted to celebrate her bachelorette weekend at The Wizarding World of Harry Potter at Universal Studios Orlando.


The weather was terrible – torrential downpours the whole day we explored, but we were all in it to win it to celebrate Lisa. Lisa’s maid of honor, Mackenzie, an actual DIY wizard made us some boss-ass T’s and necessary fanny packs.


Again, while the weather was truly the worst, we had the best time anyway. Diagon Alley and Hogsmede areas of the parks are so perfectly immersive you really feel like you’re somewhere else.


We toasted Lisa and her hubby-to-be, Keith, with copious amounts of butterbeer and got her good and drunk at the hotel bar. It was an all-around successful weekend.

At the end of July, Lisa & Keith got married at a perfect rustic barn in New Jersey. I cried the entire wedding. Everything about it was perfect and I could tell how incredibly happy these two people were for each other. She even put Harry Potter book pages into the flowers of our bouquets.


I just love seeing my beautiful, smart, compassionate, loyal friends be happy. Nothing in this world makes me happier.


I also love it when they have open bars at their wedding. BIG shout out to any of Lisa or Keith’s family that I made an ass of myself to. YA WELCOME.


Lisa, thank you for being my friend and for letting me be a part of your life and your wedding. I can’t wait for all the years of friendship together we have ahead of us.


I love you like a sister because you are my sister. Always.