{RIZE} Brunch | Carmel, Indiana

It’s no mystery that I am a fan of brunch, and I have made it my personal life mission to enjoy brunch as often as I can.

Which is why I was INCREDIBLY STOKED when my Sweet Baby Kate took all her bridesmaids out to brunch the morning of her wedding.

I’ll admit, this year marks 6 years since I left the state of Indiana, and when we lived there we weren’t exactly swimming through hip, trendy, well-priced places to eat dinner, let alone brunch. I didn’t know really what to expect, but the second we started walking up to {RIZE} I knew I was hella into it.


{RIZE} is located in Carmel, Indiana on the first floor of the Ironworks Hotel (an industrial-loving hipster’s literal dream). Walking inside, there were cute retro tables and an open kitchen where we could see all kinds of deliciousness going on.

The group of maids ordered mimosas, and the selection at {RIZE} did not disappoint. They provided more traditional mixes with their Prosecco – orange, strawberry – and more seasonal flavors like pomegranate and blueberry. I went right for their adventurous flavor: Citrus-Lavender Honey.

Y’all. This mimosa smelled like a bath bomb but was the most luxuriously delicious thing I ever drank. It was sweet and bubbly and smelled good and I enjoyed putting my nose so close to its shimmery bubbly surface.


I also shared a great pot of French Press coffee with one of my sorority sisters. We locked eyes and held hands as we pressed the hell out of that press. It was super romantic. (We really did this. Guys. I’m SUPER fun at parties.) And the coffee was tasty too.

The table split some of {RIZE}’s signature pastries, a brioche orange-glazed cinnamon roll and a galette – with peaches & rhubarb. Unbelievable.


{RIZE} is known for their toasts, like their signature avocado or mushroom. We sprang for the cold-smoked salmon toast. The salmon came on the plate literally rolled like a rose, with a garlic-caper cream cheese, pickled onion and a seeded baguette. Guys, this plate was HUGE.


{RIZE} is also known for their Traditional Benny, eggs Benedict with an avocado purée, hollandaise sauce and Canadian bacon.


We also tried their Miller Farm Chicken Hash – served with a tomato-fennel gravy and and basil pesto…


… And their sinfully delicious Farmhouse Waffle. This waffle was next level amazingness with a maple whip cream and a brown butter and bacon crumble.


I ordered the Potato Waffle, with full intentions of sharing it. But share it, I did not, dear reader. I took one bite, looked down and saw I had eaten the ENTIRE thing.


What made this dish was the Gruyére Mornay which is basically a fancy-ass way of saying CHEESE SAUCE. It was a creamy cheesy sauce that sat under the potato and is making my mouth water just thinking about it.

It was a delicious morning and a perfect way to kick off Kate’s big day.


Would I recommend brunch at {RIZE}. HECK yes. Top three brunches I’ve enjoyed in 2018. Thank you for not disappointing, Indiana!