Introducing CampaignHER

Two months ago, I was in an anxiety-riddled haze. I was unhappy, I didn’t know what I wanted to do with my life, and I was having (as I called it) a personal crisis.

I tried so many things to get myself past those feelings of inadequacy, including opening my laptop and spilling my guts onto my personal blog. I wrote “How To Survive Your Quarter Life Crisis Without Drinking Yourself To Death.” It was dramatic AF, but it was authentically me. I honestly didn’t think anyone would read it.

Then the most incredible thing happened, friends, family members, women I had looked up to and admired my entire life sent me texts, emails, phone calls saying “Yeah, girl. I’ve been there.”

I realized after that post that I was not the only one who wanted more from my life and from my career. I knew I could work hard, hit the pavement and change my view from where I was standing. I could campaign to be more than happy enough with my life and walk that talk with other women who were on similar journeys.

What started as a depression fueled idea, has come to be. I’m really excited (and equally terrified) to introduce Campaignher to you all today. Designed to share content by women for women that provides inspiration, helps create your personal or professional brand, and help you to have successful careers.

Has anyone told you today that it’s okay to decide you want more from your life and career? That it’s okay to long to be more than happy enough? That it’s okay to not know where to begin?

We believe you deserve to find your passion, to create your brand and grow your business or professional career.

Because we believe every woman has the right to campaign for the life of her dreams.

Inspire. Create. Succeed. That’s the campaign, ladies.

Let’s get to it. 🖤