Flying a W for the South Bend Cubs

When I left South Bend, Indiana, my high school hometown, for college, I was 100% certain South Bend was the most boring place on earth to live.

I maintained this mentality when we briefly returned to the area in the spring of 2012, just before Maisy was born and couldn’t wait to get out of there. My sister, who had whole heartedly declared that The Bend was her forever home, seemed like a crazy person to me.


But then something amazing happened. I got older, wiser, unhealthier, and South Bend got cool.

When we trekked our way up north this summer to visit family, we spent some time in South Bend to visit my sister and our new nephew. We decided to spend an evening at the local Minor League baseball game, The South Bend Cubs.


When I was a resident of The Bend, the South Bend Silverhawks played at what is now Four Winds Field. I have to admit, the Silverhawks games were not a great experience. The food wasn’t the best, the bathrooms were always a mess – it just was not the place you wanted to be on a night out.


Walking into Four Winds Field this past summer, I was instantly enchanted.

Everything about the experience was amazing. Ticket prices were $13, beer was delicious and ice cold. There was a children’s area for the kids to run around. The food was DELICIOUS. And at the end of the game, there were fireworks!


Growing up as a die hard Chicago Cubs fan, I loved that I could share some traditions of my old home team with my kiddos in an environment that felt made for them. The girls loved every second of the game and quite literally didn’t want to leave.

Our favorite parts? The drinks. We’re big fans of Round Barn Winery, and there was an exclusive Round Barn beer and, of course, their signature sangria in a South Bend Cubs faux mason jar.

If you’re in The Bend for business or pleasure, carve some time out for a visit to Four Winds Field, and tell me all about your experience!