An Exceptional Dinner at Eddie V’s

Don’t let my trim physique fool you, I love food.

I plan my vacations around places I want to eat. My date nights with my husband are almost entirely spent stuffing my face. I’m an emotional eater. Food makes me happy. Let’s not psychoanalyze this further.

When it comes to my birthday, I like to spend my special day doing the one thing I love most in the world – entering a food coma. So when March rolled around earlier this year I started asking around for the best dining experience.


I worked in the Food and Beverage business at the time, and the one name that kept coming up was Eddie V’s. Ya girl looked up the menu and found entrées upwards of $100 and decided if there was a day to be bougie, your birthday is that day. I booked a reservation for their Orlando location.

I’m going to start with the TL;DR version of this tale: Eddie V’s was the most exceptional dining experience I have EVER had.

Pulling up to the restaurant was like being transported into a lifestyle I could never afford. The building front was elegant, there were Rolls Royces and Porches parked strategically out front. Justin and I exchanged a look of “Do we belong here?” in our dirty hatchback with back windows literally covered with our kid’s sticker collection. The most handsome man I have ever seen opened both of our doors and welcomed us inside.


We were lead to a semi-private table at the back of the restaurant, with a gorgeous view of the lake and the Orlando Eye twinkling in the background. It was decorated with a birthday card for yours truly and rose petals like I was a goddamn Kardashian.


We started with a round of cocktails. Justin ordered the Smoked Old Fashioned, served on a smoked plank table-side, and I had the Bee Keeper –  a Hangar 1 honeycomb vodka martini, garnished with fresh honeycomb.


Justin and I were torn between the Tuna Tartar and a dozen Fresh Oysters, so we enjoyed both (#TreatYoSelf). Both were exceptionally fresh and outrageously delicious.


For our entrées, I enjoyed Surf & Turf, Justin had a steak, and we shared two sides of Crab Fried Rice (I could literally swim in this and die happy) and Truffle Mac & Cheese.

Then, it was time for dessert. Our server brought over a couple for us to try, including their Hot Chocolate Godiva Cake, Dark Chocolate and Crushed Toffee S’mores, and the Bananas Foster Butter Cake.

The Bananas Foster Butter Cake was hands down one of the top ten best things I’ve ever put in my mouth. I would go back just to eat that and the crab fried rice again.


What made this entire experience was the staff. They were attentive, courteous, and absolutely exceptional. Walking into a dining experience that fancy made Justin and I, whose usual dining out experience is the Chick-fil-A drive through – a little out of our element. The staff made us feel welcome, and saw to our every need. I would 1000% go back for their service alone.

If you have the cash and you have the means, I so encourage you to check out Eddie V’s. Or, if you want to just give tthem a try before you jump in for a full meal, Orlando Residents can take advantage of Eddie V’s during Magical Dining Month.