The Ultimate Christmas Cookies

This year I was domesticated AF. I’ve become well known for my Christmas cookies, particularly my variations on my Cake Batter Cookies and double chocolate mint cookies which I whip up during the holiday season.

This year, however, I decided to go old school, creating decorated sugar cookies for Santa and my little elves to enjoy.

It started with a visit to Home Goods, where my four-year-old, Parker, grabbed a cookie stamp off the shelf and refused to part with it. Despite knowing the presents waiting for her when Santa visited in just a few days time, I couldn’t say no which means I endured begs and cries to make cookies until I finally did.

I loved spending time in the kitchen with my girls rolling out dough, and decorating these beauties which we chose to decorate in “Florida Pastels”, I loved the way Santa’s pale pink hats and rosy cheeks turned out on the plate.

Don’t forget to pin this recipe from Sugar Spun Run for your Christmas cookies next year!