The 2019 Great American Beer Festival

Of two things I am completely certain: my cousins Liz and Donald are two of my favorite people on the planet, and I like drinking beer.

This spring, we were all together and after a few too many beers, Justin and I made the decision to visit them in Denver for the Great American Beer Festival.

We started out trip with quite possibly the best airplane welcome I’ve ever had.

After she shock and giggles wore off, we drove out to the town of Golden to explore a few local breweries.

Justin and I had not been in Denver since Liz & Donald’s wedding in 2014, so we loved taking in the mountains.

We woke up the next morning, popped a hangover pill, chugged a Gatorade and headed to Denver for the Great American Beer Festival.


One thing that’s kind of cool about the festival, is that everyone makes snack necklaces. We wore ones of pretzels and Slim Jim’s.

If your thinking of going to the GABF, I recommend trying to get in with the Homebrewers hours. It wasn’t rowdy and it was great to be around other people who genuinely love beer.

There were so many breweries there it was impossible to try all of them, but I was really fun to be able to introduce our beer-loving family to some of our favorite Florida beers.

We had such a great time with Liz & Donald in Denver and can’t wait to return to GABF soon!