Maisy’s Gravity Falls Birthday

For as long as Maisy has been able to voice her birthday wishes, she has asked for a Gravity Falls themed birthday party. We love the Disney XD show so much that I knew that we needed to wait to do it when we could go big.


This year, MJ turned 7 and it was finally time to brush off our cipher decoding skills and take a road trip out to the Pacific Northwest to search for the mystery shack.


I started with our invitations, wrapping traditional craft paper cards in faux leather, with a hand-cut six-fingered journal hands. While Gravity Falls only references three journals by the mysterious author, the invites called for a big number seven to be on the cover. I hand lettered the inside with party details.



I’m not a huge fan of character parties (see MJ’s My Little Pony Party for reference), so I tried to decorate our home to feel like woods of Gravity Falls. That meant a ton of buffalo plaid and spruce trees.

I set up a dessert table with a naked berry cake, complete with Mabel and Dipper cake toppers, Gnome cupcakes, and s’mores cookies. The banner was designed byEtsy Shop FancyZone.

Our guests enjoyed a make-your-own trail mix station, a trio of Dip-pers, and sipped on Pitt Cola and Mabel Juice.

As an activity for the kiddos, I developed a cipher hunt. They had to break coded phrases that were trapped in blocks of ice, seek out fake books with numerical cipher puzzles inside, and reveal messages in invisible ink.


The best part of the party was seeing my sweet Maisy embody Mabel Pines. MJ IS Mabel and I needed her to have a Mabel sweater to play the part.


She had an amazing birthday and I’m so happy I got to create this dream party!

For more inspiration for your own Gravity Falls birthday check out Pinterest!