Holidays in Review: Absolutely Perfect Girls’ Night & Cookie Swap

One of the things I’m most thankful this year is that our family finally became close with our neighbors. We literally have lived down the street from each other for two years but this year, our kids reached out to each other and started playing and only six months later, Justin and I were introduced to their parents, our new friends Rachel & Sean.


For months, Rachel had invited me to join her and her MOPS group of women at a girls’ night celebration, and between family and the kids, I wasn’t able to attend until December.

Every month, these incredible women open up one of their homes to chat about our families, drink wine and play bunko. This just happened to be the month Rachel was hosting just down the street.


The theme of the night was Cookie Swap. We each were asked to bring along a dish to share as well as a platter of cookies to swap with the group. We later raffled the platters off White Elephant style too, which I thought was such a cute idea.

Rachel’s home gave me some serious decorating envy. It was bright and airy and I loved all the pinky hues she used for some holiday flair.

Admittedly, when I heard Bunko was part of the night, I figured I’d duck out before any game play. However, I decided to be brave and join the game and had an incredible time. It’s the perfect game for chatting with friends because there’s absolutely zero skill or strategy involved.

We’re so excited to have our new neighborhood friends and I’m even more blessed to have this incredible woman down the street from me. She has volunteered to drive our kiddos to school, baked us all kinds of delicious treats and I genuinely cannot imagine my life without her!


What holiday gatherings did you attend this season? Tell me in the comments below!