Holidays in Review: Merry Sithmas Eve

Every other year my family has a knock-down, drag-out, fun old-fashioned family Christmas. Fifteen of us convene on Florida. We celebrate for a week with laughter and presents and far too many bottles of champagne before we all scatter across the country and wait another two years for the next family Christmas.


As much as I wish we could do our big family Christmases every year, I love our off years. It’s where we can spend time with my husband’s family, sure, but it’s also where our little family of four get to celebrate our own traditions, instead of trying to schedule them in around all the other forms of celebrating.


One of my favorite little traditions is what our family calls Sithmas Eve.

The concept of the tradition is simple:

  • The kid’s get Christmas-themed Star Wars jammies
  • We all watch Star Wars (usually starting with A New Hope)
  • We eat Star Wars Cookies
  • We drink Blue Milk

It’s a simple enough tradition in that it’s mobile. We can bring the jammies and the blue food dye anywhere we need and now, thanks to Disney+, our Star Wars movies are wherever we need them to be.

This year, the girls wore Star Wars nightgowns from Hanna Andersson. We got these from my cousin Liz last year and thank god she bought them early. Cute christmasy Star Wars Jammies are realllllly hard to find. (Do you hear me, Disney?! Can we get on this?!) 


It was so fun watching the girls get so into Star Wars, one of mine and Justin’s favorites. And get all ready for Santa to come that night!

What are your favorite Christmas traditions?