Holidays in Review: Tapas & Swiss Miss

Are you a fan of The Office? It is literally 90% of my brain-space at any given time. I love the show so much that I binge watch it at least twice a year and quote it often.


One of my favorite scenes in the series is a quick, 10-second exchange between all the members of the office. Amidst the chaos of being manager-less for months, the office team realizes they had completely forgotten to plan the Holiday Party and they poll the office on a theme for the festivities.

The exchange goes a little like this:

Stanley: “I want tropical Christmas!”

Meredith: “Topless Christmas!”

Creed: “Tapas Swiss Miss!”

After which Creed in a cutaway says:

Spanish Tapas and Swiss Miss Hot Cocoa. What’s so hard to understand?


Justin and I quote this line so much that I felt like I HAD to create a Tapas bar for him before the holidays (complete with our favorite hot cocoa, obvi)


Our Tapas Bar included:

  • Fried Calamari
  • Cured Spanish Ham
  • Chorizo
  • Olives
  • A Mexican Street Corn Salad
  • Manchego Cheese
  • Garlic Sautéed Shrimp
  • A variety of Dips, including Hummus and Pesto

This meal was so easy to make, a breeze to clean up and Justin and I were giggling the entire time.

I think this might be one of our new holiday family traditions!