Holidays in Review: Enchant St. Petersburg

It’s no secret that our family loves Christmas lights. After the Osbourne Family Spectacle of Dancing Lights left Disney’s Hollywood Studios (RIP, Sweet Prince), we’ve been trying to find light displays that were that interactive and exciting for the whole family. We found it in Enchant Christmas.


This was the first year the Enchant Christmas maze made its way to Florida – our family took a drive out to Rays Stadium in St. Petersburg, Florida to check out its promise of ice skating, visits with Santa and a light maze like none other.

The story of the maze is to find all 9 of Santa’s reindeer, including Rudolph.

The lighted scenery was stunning. There were smaller displays, perfect for your instagram pics, throughout the maze and a gorgeous tree at the center of it.

When the maze was completed, and all reindeer had been found, you were able to write a letter to Santa and mail it to him.


Our family didn’t eat while we were there, but Justin and I did enjoy some cocktails. The spiked, caramel apple cider came in lightbulb glasses which were so fun.

After the maze, we went over to meet Santa. It was a beautiful set up – our children literally sat on a moon (?!) with the big guy.


We didn’t get a chance to ice skate – it was too late on a Sunday with school and work the next day for us to take advantage of it. But the question I got the most after we went from friends who saw our pictures asked “Was it worth it?” Tickets are a little on the expensive side, so I totally get the question. My answer was “Yes, for the maze alone.” I cannot stress enough how absolutely gorgeous the experience was, and with the limited arrival times it wasn’t bananas crazy inside.

Overall I would give the experience an 8/10, and it’s definitely something my family and I will look into doing it again when the holidays roll around again.