Holidays in Review: ICE! At Gaylord Palms

I grew up in the ice cold tundra of northern Indiana, which means I’m used to my Christmases being ice cold.


When we moved to Florida, we caught wind of the Gaylord Palms near Walt Disney World doing a walk through Ice display based on classic holiday movies. This was the year we finally checked it out.

This year, the Gaylord Palms ICE display was based on The Polar Express.

I honestly, had no idea was the expect. I thought the display would be maybe 1-2 rooms, and a quick walk through. But I was so wrong, the display was HUGE! There were at least 4-5 different rooms to walk through and so much to take in at each room.


I vastly underestimated how cold it would actually be in there! Our family was in SO many layers – I heard word that it was 9 degrees in the display, but I definitely forgot how cold 9 degrees was! My hands were numb by the time we were finished with the walk through!

ICE was one of my favorite things to do this holiday season. It was completely enchanting and gorgeously done. We went with a group of friends towards the end of the season, and crowds were low and the experience was much more intimate.


We would definitely do this again next year!