Holidays in Review: Neighborhood New Years Party

We haven’t been home the past few years for New Years and we’re excited to ring in the new year with champagne, pajamas and a Netflix countdown at 8PM.


Instead, our sweet neighbors invited us over for dinner and Disney-grade fireworks.

My friend Rachel always decorates her house to a T. Rather then spend money on helium balloons, she used a removable Glue Dot and normal air-filled balloons to create a canopy of balloons over her dining room table.

One of my favorite parts of 2019 was finally meeting our neighbors. After years of living down the street, we finally met and became friends watching our kids play and now my sense of home is greater than it ever was because we know the amazing people down the street.

So, with all these feelings, it was fitting that we ended the night watching Disney-grade (and questionably legal) fireworks shoot off from our street. It was a night full of champagne and laughter, the kind where you have a miserable, headache the next day, but I’d do it in an instant again if asked.

This is the final post in my Holidays in Review series. Tell me what you thought of our holidays, and the favorite part of yours, in the comments below.