DIY Pom Pom Tassel Garland

My word for 2020 is Colorful – so I’ve written all my goals for the year around the theme of adding more color (literally and figuratively) into my life.

One area where I wanted to add color was in my house. When we built it in 2016, I designed the house in a very Magnolia, Farmhouse style. Pretty much everything in the house is black white or gray, with just a few subtle accents of mint green.


If you know me as a person, that doesn’t quite match. I love color and expressing myself through bright colors and patterns. I wanted my home to start to reflect the way I chose to express myself, while still maintaining the primary calming neutrals that help me unwind at the end of every day. (My white couches and furniture were not going anywhere)

I decided on a color palette of a coral red, peachy-orange, bright yellow, mint green, blush pink, and turquoise blue as the perfect combination of accent colors to start layering into my neutral paradise.


I’ve seen all over social media these beautiful woven tassel and pom pom garlands that reminded me of the macrame art my grandmother used to have hanging in her house when I was a kid. I decided to try and make one.

For the most part, I followed this tutorial on A Kailo Chic Life for the tassel and Pom Pom tutorials. Where her tutorial used felt beads, I hand panted wood ones in verifying sizes and shapes from Hobby Lobby.


I’m obsessed with the way this turned out, it makes me smile when I see it as it added so much more color to my living room. I can’t wait to share other DIYs we’re doing this year to make our home more colorful!

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